About Us

The Halfpenney team is Gordon and Kathryn and we both have a passion for beading, and beadweaving in particular.

Our on-line store is probably where you will have found us first. Search engines are wonderful aren't they?

You will find us at several bead fairs around the Country too. You can find out where we will be on the home page of the main site.

Under the banner of Beads Up North, Gordon and his daughters Emma and Lucy (along with many more members of the family!) organise the Bead Festival at Haydock Park Racecourse twice a year, so you will always find the Halfpenney's stand there too.

But don't forget that although we don't have a shop in the 'normal' sense of the word, we love having visitors to The Beading Room. Just remember that we aren't always here so do please ring us to check before you call round - just to save you being disappointed.